Monday, March 2, 2009

Not So Mysterious

I am going to be starting a series of messages on the book of Revelation in a few weeks. There seems to be such an interest in this last book of the Bible in the last several years and even more so now. It seems that Christians love to explore the mysteries of God's Word and His will. I think my study will disappoint some in that regard. The first verse of Revelation says "The Revelation of Jesus Christ". Everything in God's Word should point people to Christ and Revelation is no exception. It is easy to get caught up in speculating about the "mysterious" parts of that book and miss out on the big picture.

God's will is not a mysterious thing. When people want God to show them the mysteries of His will, they often miss out on the obvious. Why should God show anyone the mysteries of His will when they don't even respond to the obvious revelations of His will. For instance, how mysterious is: "A soft answer turns away anger."? And yet so many people have trouble with control in this area. So if I don't respond to getting a handle on my anger, why would God mess me up with the so-call mysteries of His will. How much has God revealed to us already in our Christian life that we chose to ignore? What areas in God's Word have convicted you that you have chosen to ignore?

So Up North Wisdom says respond to the obvious of God's will which has already been revealed before you ask to have the mysteries of His unknown will shown to you. You may say: " How have I done that and in what ways have I done this?" Well, why not ask someone you trust and that you know loves and cares for you if you dare. Trust them to speak truth to you about areas where you may be lacking in your walk with God. Ask you wife, or your children or a friend or maybe your pastor. But don't ask if you really don't want to know and don't get mad when you hear something you may not like. The people that love you also know you and won't tell you the truth if they think you won't handle it well. Can you handle the truth? Up North Wisdom says ask for, listen to, receive and apply the truth and you will be set free. Blessings!

Pastor Jerry


  1. Ok dad. I know you've been dying to tell what areas am I lacking in in my walk with God. Who needs "John Severe" when I have you:)

  2. I feel like the guy on that one movie..."You can't handle the TRUTH!" Oh my...this is a great post, pastor. You give me lots to think usual!

  3. OMG! (oh my Gosh) THUGGG! (falling on top of my cuz)!What is this world coming too? My uncle Jerry Blogging???
    In all honesty Jerry I love it!Like you, I share the same place, the same air, the same forest the same waters to escape and get my wisdom. And like you I was blessed to spend my childhood summers around the same two people,your mother and dad(my grandparents)to listen,learn, and later live that same wisdom that you were taught.And like you, it is still truely my most favorite place in the world to be on any given day! Still listening, still learning, and most importanly still living.
    Congrats on a great idea Jer. I will be checking in from time to time.