Friday, March 18, 2016


John Bevere is a teacher and preacher that I greatly respect and has been a tremendous influence on how I think and believe about many topics. Authority is one of those. I have read and Jeanne and I have taught on his book, "Under Cover".  John wrote this letter to our church and many others as well. I present it to you for your consideration. I think of the words of Jesus:  "Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid."  Certainly at this time in our nation and world more than ever. From John Bevere:

It wasn't until God dealt with my bad attitude toward the outcome of past presidential elections that I began to focus on the authority of the president rather than his conduct. The revelation that nobody gets into power without His knowledge and that those in authority carry His appointment,  forever changed the way I view elections. I believe it can do the same for anyone with a receptive heart.

In the Bible, we see Christians were exhorted to honor kings by looking beyond their behavior and honoring their position of authority (1 Peter 2:17). If the church isn't lifting up our government with honor, can we expect this country and our ministries to experience a great move of God? Whether or not we agree with a candidate's political views, we can choose to honor our leaders and stand behind them in prayer instead of joining in on the disrespectful bashes. If not us, then who?

In my Under Cover Curriculum, I extensively discuss the best way to honor authority in civil, church, family, and social settings. When our hearts are submitted to God's Word and to authority, we will see churches come together and flourish under His promises. I encourage you to maximize your position by vocalizing your vote for this year, but do so in a way that honors all candidates. That way, your heart and the people's hearts that you lead will be in the right place -- regardless of who is elected.

Let's be a light in a dark world, and lead by example.   John Bevere

Up North Wisdom strongly recommends reading the book, Under Cover, and to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as he speaks wisdom to you.  Here is a question for you and me: Are we spending the same amount of time praying for as we are complaining about the candidates. We are commanded to pray for those in authority over us. I fear there is a great lack of obeying that command.

My encouragement is to pray, pray, pray and pray ( as my mother exhorted ) and to vote (please vote) and then engage our world in a Godly and Scripture-directed way.  Let the church be the church!!

And I still believe -- The Best Is Yet To Come!