Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sunday, I watched the final few holes of the golf tournament that Tiger Woods won in dramatic fashion. Like many other people, I am not a golfer but I do take the time to watch this man when he is in the finals of a golf tournament. Why? If I don't really like golf, why watch this particular golfer? Probably for the same reason I used to watch Michael Jordan play basketball even though I didn't really care to watch professional basketball. These are two unique and gifted athletes. There is something about their personalities and the way they play the game that elevates them above others in the same sports. Under the most adverse circumstances, they have a special drive to find a way to succeed.

I watched a TV program a couple of days ago that featured a street person who had an obvious learning disability who thought he was a super hero. He tried to help people in distress. A man who tried to help him ended up being helped by the man with the disability instead. The "super hero" died in the show and the man who was helped said to the the show's star:" I tried to help this man who thought he was a super hero and he ended up helping me instead." The show's star said in the last line of the show: " That's what super heroes do. They come to the rescue".

That line really caught my eye and I begin to think about who are the real super heroes in this life. Jesus said that when you help those whom society thinks are the least valuable, you are really helping Him. Who is going to come to the rescue of the unborn? Tony Piantine in his blog: The Bantum Blogatorium, referred to a link that James and Jill Kocian sent to him concerning an article in an English newspaper about not allowing babies with Down Syndrome to be born because they really are a drain on society. Parents who had and loved their children with this condition were considered to not be telling the truth when they claimed that these children were really an incredible blessing to many.

So how I read this is that parents who chose to have and love their children with Down Syndrome or any other disability are really losers and don't really care for society or their children by choosing to burden themselves and society with a child who will be an obvious drain on resources. Hmm. What an interesting contrast to how Jesus looks at each one of these people. I think he would call parents like James and Jill Kocian and people like Tony and Karol Piantine and people like Jason and Lora Stonelake super heroes. Now I know they wouldn't even dare to think about themselves as super heroes, but in doing what Jesus himself commended, that is exactly what they are in God's Kingdom.

If society takes what the above-mentioned article says as truth, then what about the very elderly? Are they also a drain on societies resources? And what about those with life-altering diseases? Should we withhold medical resources to them because they just aren't worth the cost in the long run? And where do we stop?

Listen people, I think God has called us all to be super heroes, don't you? To help those whom society deems unfit and unworthy of much help or attention. You may not feel like much of a super hero but those whom you help will think you are and God notices. Do you want to be a part of a "real" reality show so to speak. Sign up as a helper for one of Camp Daniel's summer camps. Log on to Tony Piantine's blog: The Bantum Blogatorium and find out more. You could be a super hero to someone like the little guy that Lora talks about in Tony's latest blog.

Do you really want to do something great in the Kingdom of God? Then Up North Wisdom says reach out to one of societies "least of these". It's really not that hard to be a super hero in God's Kingdom. You may not be watched by millions on TV like those who watch Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, but I think the Word of God is clear that you will be watch by millions in the "great cloud of witnesses" in the heavenly realms. (Hebrews 12:1)


  1. Well said Dad! I have nothing to add except that I love you and am proud to be your daughter!

  2. I like what you said about not feeling like much of a super hero but those we help will think we are. That's so true and I've also found that when I help people considered the "least" of these it's me who is blessed. "Least"??? Only in some eyes. Helping makes us realize that they're the ones that are super heros!

  3. WOW Pastor...just...wow,ya know? I am honored to call you my pastor and friend.

  4. I think anyone that knows Nathan would agree that he is an awesome, wonderful blessing!