Friday, November 11, 2011

Can We Talk?

Can we talk? The Bible calls "sin" sin because sin kills and destroys. If sin didn't kill and destroy, the Bible would have called it something else. There is a tendency in our society (churches?) to call sin something else: messing up, mistakes, moral failures.

It is sickening what happened at Penn State University to those young children. To protect a school's reputation and keep the sports money (we are talking millions and millions of dollars) rolling in, many people looked the other way to the horror that took place. This nation and our churches had better wake up. In the face of (and fear of) the "rights" crowd -- this group's rights and that group's rights -- you know what I'm talking about; our nation is tumbling headlong into a moral abyss that will destroy it.

What do we do? Pray, live right, do right, stand for right even in the face of opposition and violence - and that will happen. Up North Wisdom says when you vote, vote the Bible. Nothing will change if the church (Christians) stand for nothing and do nothing. Come on people -- Let the Church be the Church. Armor up and get moving into the war zones. And always remember from 1 Cron. 20 -- Be not afraid, the battle is not yours, but Gods. Thanks for reading.