Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Is Sin Called Sin?

We don't hear much about the word sin these days. People, Christians included, prefer words that aren't so "negative" -- words like failures, weaknesses, mistakes, etc. Why do you think that the Bible calls sin sin. It does because sin kills and destroys. "The soul that sins will die" is God's Word. God wasn't judging when He said this; He was simply revealing truth. If sin didn't destroy, He would have called it something else. But it does, so it is called sin.

I read that Planned Parenthood of Ashland, Oregon plans to offer medication-induced abortions at its clinics in Ashland and Eugene in March. The executive director said the service will "provide women with an option for (terminating a pregnancy) in the comfort and privacy of home." These home-used drugs will (expel a fetus). They want to make sure women have adequate access to a full range of health care, including terminating a pregnancy.

Ah, those innovative folks from mass murder central as one person called Planned Parenthood who use such medical sounding words for killing a baby. Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to kill a baby at home -- the place where the mother will have months and years to meditate over the life she took. Maybe to dream (or nightmare) over what this child may have turned out to be. The love, the life, and the laughter.

Make no mistake about it, friend. We live in a culture of death where government wants to decide who lives or dies and make it convenient to murder (help terminate) those who society deems unfit for life -- the old, the infirm, the disabled. We see whole countries where no Downs Syndrome babies are born anymore because of the technology to determine beforehand which unborn babies have DS and then the legal right to terminate (kill) that child.

Do you see why God calls sin sin? It kills and destroys both spirit, soul and body. It kills and destroys the very awesome creation of God. That's why God hates sin and so should we. Love what God loves and hate what God hates. Keep alert, pray often and make sure you make your voice heard when it comes to the issues of life. Make sure you know where the candidates for public office stand on these issues and then vote for life.

Up North Wisdom says we know that ultimately God is in control of this old world but while we are living here as pilgrims, we have a responsibility to stand and speak for truth -- for life. If we don't, we will fall for anything. This is the day for faith and fearlessness. Put on your spiritual armor (Eph. 6) and nothing will ever be able to bring you down. You are on the winning side. I know because I just finished reading Revelation. The Best Is Yet To Come! Believe it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Inconvenient Lie -- A Convenient Truth

As we are starting to find out, Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" documentary about global warming is really an inconvenient lie. It appears that climate change, formerly known as "global warming" is a fraud. Both conservative and liberal newspapers are now doubting so-called evidence about climate change that would have resulted in massive tax hikes to line the pockets of the climate change alarmists. Yes, we need to embrace energy conservation in the short term and generate more home-grown sources of energy in the long run, but we also need to bury junk global warming science once and for all.

Why make such a point? Do you want to really know "truth"? Even if it is inconvenient? The Bible says we are all sinners and need a Savior. We need to commit our lives to Christ and live the way we were created to live -- as extraordinary Christians. The Bible says Jesus is Truth and there is no other way to have eternal life. That is a truth that the world tries to bury. And sold-out-to-Christ Christians are branded as extremists who are a danger to our society. Why? Because we stand for truth -- real truth.

Truth like all human life is sacred because God created each of us. That includes life in the womb as well as the old and disabled. The intellectuals who promote the culture of death like the political "genius" who referred to some in Congress as "F*****ing retarded" are referred to in Romans 1:22 from the Message when it says: "They pretend to know it all, but are illiterate regarding life." I guess they would call that an inconvenient truth.

Here is the point I am really trying to get across right now. If you don't commit to being a person of God's Word, you will be led down many ways that are really false. Being a Christian requires faith and that faith will only come as you are into His Word. Faith comes by hearing, (taking in) God's Word. Grace is the source of all God's blessings and the path to extraordinary Christian living. And faith is the pipeline that allows us to tap into the unlimited supply of God's grace.

Up North Wisdom says we do not need to let our hearts be troubled or afraid if we are in Christ and His Word is in us. Don't be deceived, my friend. Ask God to give you a great desire for His Word. Commit yourself to embracing His truth and applying it to your life. And remember, for those who do: The Best Is Yet To Come! Believe it!

Now that's what I call "A Convenient Truth."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


"We're getting by." How often have I heard that phrase when I ask some married couples how they are doing in their marriage. In an informal poll that I conducted some years ago, wives felt that about 10 to 15 percent of the marriages they know about were really good marriages. The husbands give a more optimistic percentage of about 25 to 30. That tells me that even if I don't ask married couples how they are doing, I can assume that most aren't doing very well. "Getting by" seems to be the norm. That is tragic. I sometimes follow up with a question to that kind of response like, "Are you content to be 'getting by'? Is that your goal? Because if it is, you will easily succeed."

I wonder how many Christians are just "getting by" in their relationship with God. How about you, my friend? Are you content to just "get by" with God? He isn't and you shouldn't be either. I have noticed that so many people who have more recently come to know Jesus personally are definitely not content to stay the same. They have left their old life and want to grow in their relationship with God. They take advantage of opportunities to grow through Bible studies and personal devotions. They really listen to sermons on Sunday morning and ask themselves how they can apply the truths they have just learned. They ask me for resources to help them along in their Christian walk. They seek wise Christian counsel. In many cases they move right past so many "older" Christians who are content to "get by".

The problem with "getting by" is that we never remain the same even if we think we are. I think the Bible is clear that either we are growing in God's grace and knowledge or we are declining in our Christian life. We are either moving up or we are slipping back. Their is good reason why the Bible uses the husband-wife relationship analogy to talk about our relationship with Christ. It takes work to have a strong relationship with a spouse (or friend) as well as with Christ.

If you are not content to just "get by", then ask God to give you good motivation to move forward. God always answers that prayer, by the way. It's really not rocket science, is it? What worked when you first gave your life to Christ and were really "in love" with Him still works today. You know -- those foundational things like reading the Word, time in prayer, participating in Bible studies, giving yourself in service, seeking wise counsel and (yikes, yes) Fasting.

Up North Wisdom says: don't be afraid and don't let your hearts be troubled. God will help you. He always takes the first step. Ask Him for forgiveness for your coldness and distance in your Christian walk. I guarantee you, you can fall in love with Christ again and with the help of the Holy Spirit, not draw back to the old ways again. God intends for you to live an extraordinary Christian life because He is an extraordinary God and can do extraordinary things in your life if you will let Him. And, by the way, husbands and wives, it will work with you as well. Forgive each other, start afresh, and with God's help, move far away from "getting by" to the "extraordinary" marriage that not only God wants for you, but I know that you want as well. THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Believe it!