Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where is it?

Why " Up North Wisdom"? Because most of what I have learned about life wasn't in a classroom setting or from any books. It was from life's experiences. You see, Up North to most Wisconsin people means something. It seems everyone around here has an "up north" where they "go". Where is it? Well, it's different for every person. It's a place to escape to. To get away from the hurry-up pace of everyday life. And as a plaque on my wall says, it is really more a state of mind than a geographic location. When you are "there" everything seems simpler, easier, purer, and clearer. You breath in the air and breath out a breath of relief.

I have been going "up north" ever since I was born. And since I am almost 63, that is a long time. Truthfully, I like being there more now than at any time before. That is because I take more time to think and meditate at that wonderful place. When I do, I remember so much that has significance to my life. Much of that "up north wisdom" I learned from my mom and dad both there and in my home growing up. I didn't think of it as wisdom at the time growing up but as I reflect, I am amazed at all the lessons from those years. And I might add, all the wisdom I am still learning from the so-called "up north" experiences that I have now. I just need to take the time to hear the incredible voices that God uses to get my attention. I will share some of those voices in future blogs.

This is new for me and my daughter, Becky, and one of my associate pastors, James Kocian, have long been pushing me to do this. So, Becky and James, here we are and here we go. Any "wisdom" that comes through this vehicle did not originate with me. One of my favorite all-time verses in the Bible comes from the book of James where we are told that if we lack wisdom (and I surely do), we can ask God and He will freely give it. And by the way, He never puts us down for asking. That's beautiful. I claim that promise every morning as I get in my car and head to the office here at Living Hope Church. That promise is for you, too. Why not put a claim on it?

So this is what I would like to do. I will never claim to have tons of wisdom and knowledge but I have had a lot of experiences, both good and bad in my "short" 63 years. Maybe some of what I have learned will hopefully be of help to you. And by the way, other than the gift of eternal life, the greatest gift God has ever given me is my wife, Jeanne. I am a better, wiser man because of what she brings into my life. You will probably be hearing from her on this site in the future. She will bless you, I guarantee it.

One thing I know for sure; no, two things; God is good, all the time; and The Best Is Yet To Come. Believe it!!

Pastor Jerry


  1. Welcome, Pastor Jerry! I've been anticipating your blog for a long time! Glad to see you've got it up and running. Nice post, too. Now if only Becky would actually create her blog instead of just following ours, we might have even more fun. Interesting points to ponder here-thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. thanks, Jill. This is truly new territory. We'll have to get on Becky since she was getting on me. I still have a few questions for the master. (James) One day at a time. Blessings.

  3. Pastor,
    Congratulations! The blog looks great, and I love your insights. This will be another way for you to reach the masses with your encouraging words.
    You are a great man of God.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I told you I would read and I'm here. I even linked you from my blog site so I can see when you have updates.

    Thanks for sharing your great words today. We all need that place to escape - I'm currently looking for a better one than my bathroom (it's the only room with a lock on it...three boys, you know!) =)

  5. Thud... that was me falling on the ground... Ok its more like a giant Kaboom when I fall. But you can imagine my shock as I came upon a blog by Uncle Jerry. Truly we have moved into a new age, a MEGA age, where anything is possible. I shall be a follower of this blog, looking foward to it.
    Love Ya,
    Little Tony

  6. Pastor Jerry,
    Congratulations on joining the wonderful world of blogging. A great first post and I look forward to reading more.
    God's Blessings,