Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post It

I write a lot of notes to myself. It's the only way I will remember to do certain things --or to not do certain things. And I post those notes in the places that I have to see them. I understand one can post notes on their computers as well. I don't -- at least not yet. :)

My mother wrote notes to herself and put them in places where she would be prone to see them. We found some of them after she went to heaven. They were notes to remind her to do or not do certain things. Things like: "Don't get bitter when things don't turn out the way I want them to." "Be easy to be around." "Develop a sweet spirit as I get older." "Don't be a complainer." "Be an encourager." You get the picture?

The Psalmist prayed that his words, thoughts and spirit would be acceptable to God. Are yours? Are mine? Maybe we need to write more notes to ourselves. How do people see you? How do you see yourself? What changes do you want and need to make in the way you talk, act and think? If you ask God, believe me He will show you very clearly just what those areas are.

Up North Wisdom says "take a chance." Listen to how God speaks to you about these and other areas of your life that both you and He want to change. Write many notes to yourself and post them in obvious places where you have to look at them many times throughout the day. As one wise former pastor who is now in heaven used to say often: "It's not how you start that really matters the most, but how you finish that really counts." I want to finish well, don't you? Get those posty-notes ready, friends. The Best Is Yet To Come!


  1. When I have company over, I hope that the other two bathrooms are not being used at the time. If they are, they will need to use our bathroom off of our bedroom. Which that bathroom mirror holds my "post-its." And the funny thing is they never seem to fall down by way of them losing there stickiness. Must mean I haven't quite learned them yet, and I still have some sticky things to work on.