Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Listen and Respond

"I just wish God would speak to me about this matter." "I wish I could hear clearly from God." Have you ever said or thought those things? I think we all have. What keeps us (me) from hearing? Maybe the question is : why should God speak clearly to us if He knows we won't respond?

There are many areas where God is speaking clearly to the church and yet waits for a proper response and a proper response will take us far out of our comfort zones. We live in such a me first society. It would be hard to believe that any one would doubt that by just watching and listening to what is going on around them.

A huge change that God wants to take place in our lives when we become a believer is to change us from me first to others first. If life has to be always about me, then we have missed something and continue to miss one of the great essentials of the Christian Faith.

Ask God (if you dare) to reveal what areas of comfort that He wants to move you from and what will that look like in your life. How will you know? Easy.

Read and respond to God's Word.
Listen to the people who love and care for you.
Listen to your pastors on Sunday mornings and the times you need to be speaking to them.
Be open to being made very uncomfortable.

I know so many are not happy or content in their life's journey. Stop getting so angry and bitter about life's circumstances. Can you hear that? Repent. Do it now. Forgive others (and yourself) and then receive God's forgiveness. Up North Wisdom says understand the times. We are moving at breakneck speed towards the final hours. We don't have time to indulge ourselves in selfishness, self-pity, self-anything. God, others and me in that order may make you uncomfortable but it will bring you fulfillment that no other way can.

Open yourself up to that truth. Listen and respond (and join the uncomfortable club). Do it for the sake of God's Kingdom. You will learn to love it. And remember: The Best Is Yet To Come!


  1. I took this same type of message away from the funeral yesterday. "Uncomfortable" is the way of living in this world,wether we try to be comfortable or not, either we accept it or we become bitter and angry. The "comfort" we so desire is meant for heaven. the sooner we can reconcile that discomfort the sooner we can see God's purpose unfold for us and see His real love for us. When God gave you the words "the best is yet to come" he gave you words that if embraced, if we strive towards, if we accept, we learn to listen and respond and love it, just as you have said. Thank you for consistant truth, the hallmark of real family, real community and real relationship.

  2. The timing of your message on Sunday, this blog, and the Bible study that just started on Wednesday mornings is perfect (maybe God had something to do with that, you think?) The Bible study is by Priscilla Shirer and it is called "Jonah - Navigating a Life Interrupted." We are learning that if we are uncomfortable with something we think God is calling us to do, it is probably really something He wants us to do! Being uncomfortable is a good indicator of His calling. We have the privilege of being part of God's bigger plan for His kingdom, if we obey. One of the quotes from Priscilla is, "Your life involves you but is not ultimately about you." Perfect! David understood this when he wrote in Psalms 11:35-37 "Incline my heart to Your testimonies and not to dishonest gain. Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity, and revive me in Your ways."

    The best is yet to come! Am I (are you) going to be part of that? Ultimately, after some running, Jonah did accept God's calling and look at the revival that occurred in Ninevah! Where is my (your) Ninevah? Love you, Dad!