Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Worthy To Judge

I don't know if you are following any of the proceedings in the United States Senate that will lead to the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor as our next Supreme Court Justice. I find it very interesting to listen as questions are asked of her which are supposed to show if she is fit to be a judge on the Supreme Court. In other words is she fit to pass judgment on important issues?

In the book of Revelation, we are shown that the Lord Jesus is the only One who is able to judge perfectly and He will at the close of the age. Why? Because of who He is (God manifested in the flesh) and because of what He has done. He created this earth and that gives Him the right; and He also redeemed this earth. Since He is worshiped in Heaven as redeemer and Creator, He is the only One worthy to judge and to rule this earth.

So then what gives anyone on the Supreme Court or anyone else put in a position to pass judgment the right to do so? Our laws? The constitution? The Bible is clear that only the Lord Jesus Christ is worthy to sit in judgment. Unless one of these judges can measure up to Him, he is really not in a position to judge in his own ability and strength.

There is injustice all over the world and in every country and we see the results of that every day, don't we? That injustice is brought about by man's futile attempt to sit in judgment on others and never acknowledging the wisdom of God as their source. Up North Wisdom says we need to be in prayer for all those who rule and judge in our country. Pray for Judge Sotomayor and rest of the Supreme Court Judges and for our president and other elected officials and judges that somehow and someway, they will humble themselves before God and acknowledge that only with the wisdom and strength that comes from Him alone, can they be righteous and true in their decisions.

" God, help us all to always look to you as our source of help, strength, wisdom and power to be the kind of Christians that You want us to be and that we want to be also. Help us to live our lives with eternity in view and pledge to serve you and others with love and passion. In the Name of Jesus. AMEN!!

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  1. These times we live in-so strange, so surreal. Everything we used to count on is failing-all around us. People do not trust the leadership of men anymore. The only judgement that you can count is Divine. The only leadership you can trust is that of Heaven. There's only one way to look in these days. Up.