Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Back

Well folks, I am back! Watch out, I am back and very excited to get back in the pulpit and preach the Word. It is Saturday afternoon and technically I am not yet off vacation mode but here I am back in my office getting ready to preach tomorrow about the rapture of the Church. Wow! I wonder if I have received any more Up North Wisdom as a result of our time away. I think so. God is so good and so faithful.

Last night Jeanne and I saw the most awesome and beautiful combination of sun setting and storm rising over Lake Superior that one could imagine. That's what the rapture will be like: for the believer, it will be like beautiful light beckoning them to come up to be with Jesus. For the unbeliever, it will be a storm of darkness that is almost unimaginable. My prayer is for The Spirit of God to bring many souls to Him as a result of the Truth of His Word.

Precious Lord, Use Your Word tomorrow morning to convict, draw, encourage and inspire. Bind every device of the enemy to keep people from coming to You. Let Kingdom work be done for your glory. Amen!


  1. Hey Jerry!

    So glad we're in town to hear your message tomorrow!

    Angela :)

  2. Welcome home! We missed you!