Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Who Do You Trust

Pastor Mark Cox of Central Church in Green Bay posted on Face Book this morning that win, lose, or draw for the candidate of your choice, let's be civil and remember ...We're ALL in this together! Good post, Pastor Mark. Psalm 20:7 says that "some trust in chariots and some trust in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord God."  An excellent verse. I would give it a modern twist and say, "Some trust in one political party and some trust in a different political party, but Christians trust in the name of the Lord, our God!"

Listen, there are a lot of things this old world needs but angry Christians are not one of them. It always amazes me to hear Christians say ugly things about certain politicians like this one or that one is their personal enemy. It's almost enough to make me........well a little angry. :)  Friend, I know who my enemy really is and so do you. And it's not a certain politician who holds a specific office.

I've often heard and said that if Christians are obedient to God's Word, they WILL pray for those in public office and not sin by being an angry voice that continually says negative and ugly things about certain politicians that they don't like. God's Word, not mine. Check out the writings of Paul.  Prayer is a great calmer and a great antidote for an angry spirit. We are not going to influence the world towards Christ by acting in opposition to what He told us.

Living Hope Church's founding pastor, Jim Erickson, said often that a defining verse in God's Word is " A soft answer turns away anger".  So how am I doing on that one?  How are you? How is the world going to know we are Christians if we don't act like one?  The Book of James is the great mirror for all of us. To say we are religious (Christians) and yet to say things and do things that are contrary to the Word is to fool ourselves. When we aren't demonstrating (living out) our faith by what we do (like reaching out to help the poor, ministering to those in need, having control of our tongues, talking less, listening more and not becoming angry, etc. etc. etc. -- then we are just another loud angry voice that joins all the others.

Some defining verses for me are found in Proverbs 3.   "Pastor Jerry, and all Christians,  Trust In The Lord With ALL Your Heart and Don't Depend On Your Own Understanding. Give Him First Place In Your Life and Everything Will Turn Out As God Directs."  JBV Version (Jerry Bruette Version) :)

Let me end with this from Max Lucado:  "I believe that many of us go through life sucking on pacifiers. Oh we don't see them because they're in our bank. Or they're parked in our garage. Or we live in them. Don't put your hope into things that change -- relationships, money, talents, beauty and health. (And into certain politicians - my add). Set your sights on one thing that can never change; trust in your Heavenly Father."   AMEN!  And Up North Wisdom adds one more thing for those of you who choose to trust God in all circumstances -- The Best Is Yet To Come!


  1. "It's enough to make me...well a little angry. :)" Me too! Actually, I think it makes me more sad...which is a very similar emotion, actually. Another thing Grandpa Erickson used to say was, "Circumstances reveal." There is nothing like an election to bring out the worst in people, it seems...especially on social media. Thanks for being an example to me on how to handle myself in these situations, and to keep an eternal perspective. Thanks for the reminder today in this post! Love you, Dad!

  2. I love you dad! So true! I need to remember to put all my hope in him alone! Everything else disappoints!

  3. Looking for a city where we'll never die. Where the sainted millions never say goodbye! And this ain't it! Thanks for your soft entreaty.