Friday, December 31, 2010


In a daily devotional, Sara Young presents an intimate conversation with God, where He invites her, and the readers of the devotional, to come closer and experience the peace of His presence. Here is the word for her, you and me as this year draws to a close:

"As this year draws to a a close, receive My Peace. This is still your deepest need, and I, your Prince of Peace, long to pour Myself into your neediness. My abundance and your emptiness are a perfect match. I designed you to have no sufficiency of your own."

Wow! What a powerful word as we enter this new year. "no sufficiency of your own". What a contrast to my ego, my pride, my "self-sufficiency". I read the words from Philippians that says, "I can do all things through Christ..........." My actions say I often stop at: "I can do all things."

I want to have the attitude of Ruth and Mary in the scriptures where they say, in essence: "who am I that You would redeem me, that You would show such favor, that You would consider me someone who could be used for Your Kingdom purposes?"

I know what God is calling me to do in this upcoming year, and I don't like it but I receive it. It sounds like what He was calling me to do in the year just completed. And the one before that and the one before that and ........................... You get the picture.

Humility -- discipline -- fasting and prayer -- accountability -- patience ........... You also get that picture, don't you? Up North Wisdom says it isn't that difficult (to understand). But it is not easy to put into practice. Whoever said it was? The way of the cross? My flesh says no. My spirit says it's the only way -- to anything worthwhile. To peace -- to joy -- to satisfaction -- to acceptance -- .................And you get that picture as well, don't you.

And like Sara Young, I end the year saying to the Lord: "Thank You for Your Peaceful Presence, regardless of my feelings." Amen. For 2011, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

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