Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Are We?

I normally wouldn't comment about a football game but after the very disappointing Packer loss to the Bears, I heard some things from the players that really got my attention. The team played very poorly in many regards and made so many mistakes (penalties) that contributed to the defeat. Some of the comments of the players went like this: "We didn't execute" (meaning "we were awful") -- "We're a smarter team than that" (no actually they're not; they were like they played) -- "That's not the way we play" (yes, actually, that's exactly how they played). Most excuses for bad play were just that, excuses.

Living Hope Church founding pastor, the late Jim Erickson, used to say this: when you get older, you will just be more of what you were when you were younger -- unless you make the decision not to be like that. In other words, if you are an angry person growing up, you will be a more angry person as you get older. If you are a bitter person, (unforgiving, unfeeling, uncaring, etc. -- you get the point) you will be more bitter, unforgiving, etc. as you get older. That is, unless you are honest about who you are and decide you want to change and be better as you get older instead of being bitter.

The point is this: do I really want to change? Do I want to grow and be more effective in my Christian walk than I am right now? Anyone can change if they really want to and understand the need to. The scripture says "I can do all things (make any good changes in my life) through
Christ who gives me the strength to do it" Phil. 4:13

Do you want to be more of what you are right now as you get older? Or is Christ (maybe through the people He puts into your life who are trying to speak to you but you aren't listening) telling you to put off those old, unproductive, damaging ways of thinking, talking, and acting and with His help to put on a new way.

Up North Wisdom says change is never easy. But if I see the need and value of making good changes, I understand that Christ will give all the help I need. I hope the Packers make some changes that will help them be more effective in their game, but even more importantly, will you and I decide that enough is enough and begin to put the past behind us? With His help, the best is yet to come. Believe it, Confess it and claim it for Jesus sake and His Kingdom and certainly for your good. Amen!


  1. I've re-written this comment 15 times now. All I can say dad is that this blog post defines where I'm at right now. I can come up with the profound churchy response to make everyone happy but the truth is intrinsically I'm a mess. The truth is dad...no...I don't want to change. I want to keep appeasing everyone and throwing myself on the sword. I don't want to be real and tell people how I really feel. NO dad...I don't want to change. BUT I SO WANT TO CHANGE! I hope I'll end up choosing the best way and not the easy way...I'll keep you posted:)
    Dad..I'm gonna miss you...have fun up north.
    I love you.

  2. Everyone that loves you believes in you, Becky and even more importantly, your Heavenly Father believes in you. Believe me, you are well along the path to becoming not only what God wants you to be but what you want to be as well. You and He are on the same page. The best is yet to come!(smile face here) I love you.

  3. Bill Parcells said "you are what you are" related to his players not playing up to expectation. We often believe we are what we intend to be, instead of the reality of our lives. I think that can make it hard to change our reality, because we can be fooled by our changing intentions.
    Change is certainly a must in order to grow more like Jesus. The best is yet to come can only become true for each of us through constant change. I believe it is an far less scary proposition for those of us at LHC, because you lead with the attitude of growing into what God wants, yet lead us cautiously and wisely forward. I am thankful for that safety net that gives me the opportunity and helps me grow and find out a little more each day who God wants me to be.
    With each passing week being part of the LHC family my love and respect grows for you and how God is using you to help us all become God's best.

  4. These last couple posts are just so fitting and timely while I am doing the "Breaking Free" study by Beth Moore. You hit the nail on the head Becky, when you say that "no, I don't want to change, but I so want to change!" It is never easy and through this Bible study I am learning that I don't know if I really want to see what is a stronghold in my life or not. I hope I choose the best way and not the easy way is right! I hope I can be honest with God and myself because I do believe that truly, the best is yet to come. But it is my choice if I want to be a part of that. Like Beth said, I can go on living in bondage for all of my Christian life, or I can break free and be all that God desires for me to be.

    Dad, Becky, Tony, I love you! I feel so blessed to have the family I do. God is so good!

  5. Wow. So simple, so profound, so timely. Has the Holy Spirit been reading my journal to you? Acknowledged, accepted, engaged.

  6. Man thanks for the wisdom PJ. Change just plain stinks. I can see that the older I have gotten the more angry I can get. It's a caged Lion, it's so tuff. It's easier to just stay the way you are, it's just not so easy for those around me?? Thanks for posting this...

  7. I am in agreement with all of the above. What would the world be like if every Christian everywhere knew it was ok to be seen for who they are instead of who we think we should be. Thank you for creating an environment where we can talk openly and honestly about our struggles.