Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Be Ready

This past Sunday morning, Living Hope Church commissioned our mission team as they prepare to leave on Thursday for Kenya. Please continue to pray each day for the team as they lay plans to help build a school for girls in Northern Kenya. I've said this before, I think there is going to be so much more happen for God's Kingdom as the team focuses on this project. Please pray each day for the team members ( a list is available in the church office). They will be in an area where the gospel is not welcome by most and yet needed by all. Your prayers are welcome and much needed. If we don't, who will? Satan hates that this trip is taking place and we need to be in prayer against any of his devices. I want the team to sense and feel the powerful prayers of their church family each day.

During the message Sunday morning, I felt led to stop in the middle and ask if there were any people who needed and wanted to give their lives to Christ. What a blessing to see people respond and ask Christ into their lives. It reminded me that God will provide many opportunities to give our answer of hope if we are just alert and available. I am praying that each step of the trip provides just such opportunities for the team members. Maybe there will be people in the three airports who will open to the Gospel. Maybe people in the airplanes will be curious enough to ask who these people are and that will lead to an open door for the Gospel. In restaurants, on the streets, and wherever the Spirit of God opens a door, I pray each team member will be ready with a word of testimony and encouragement.

Team members, I know that a direct presentation of the Gospel is not possible where you are going but God is big and awesome so don't discount Him opening doors that normally would be closed. Be ready with an answer to anyone who is open for your word of encouragement and hope. I am praying for miraculous things to be accomplished that can't be done any other way except by God Himself. Watch and pray! We will all look forward to regular reports on the missions blog on our church website.

Team members, your church loves and appreciates you and is rightly proud of your willingness to give up time and money to do His work. I believe He will bless you many times over for your commitment. Go in the spirit and power of God. Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you. Up North Wisdom says to remember to "not be afraid or discouraged because the battle is not yours, but Gods." (2 Cron. 20:15) The Best Is Yet To Come!!!


  1. It was a beautiful Sunday morning message. I love to be in the room watching and learning as you listen and follow God's direction each and every Sunday morning. You are a blessing to me personally....and to your congregation.

  2. Excited for the Africa team and all that God will do and excited to hear what you have to say every Sunday...always a blessing. Thanks for all you do. Michele Olson

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