Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why Is Sin Called Sin?

We don't hear much about the word sin these days. People, Christians included, prefer words that aren't so "negative" -- words like failures, weaknesses, mistakes, etc. Why do you think that the Bible calls sin sin. It does because sin kills and destroys. "The soul that sins will die" is God's Word. God wasn't judging when He said this; He was simply revealing truth. If sin didn't destroy, He would have called it something else. But it does, so it is called sin.

I read that Planned Parenthood of Ashland, Oregon plans to offer medication-induced abortions at its clinics in Ashland and Eugene in March. The executive director said the service will "provide women with an option for (terminating a pregnancy) in the comfort and privacy of home." These home-used drugs will (expel a fetus). They want to make sure women have adequate access to a full range of health care, including terminating a pregnancy.

Ah, those innovative folks from mass murder central as one person called Planned Parenthood who use such medical sounding words for killing a baby. Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to kill a baby at home -- the place where the mother will have months and years to meditate over the life she took. Maybe to dream (or nightmare) over what this child may have turned out to be. The love, the life, and the laughter.

Make no mistake about it, friend. We live in a culture of death where government wants to decide who lives or dies and make it convenient to murder (help terminate) those who society deems unfit for life -- the old, the infirm, the disabled. We see whole countries where no Downs Syndrome babies are born anymore because of the technology to determine beforehand which unborn babies have DS and then the legal right to terminate (kill) that child.

Do you see why God calls sin sin? It kills and destroys both spirit, soul and body. It kills and destroys the very awesome creation of God. That's why God hates sin and so should we. Love what God loves and hate what God hates. Keep alert, pray often and make sure you make your voice heard when it comes to the issues of life. Make sure you know where the candidates for public office stand on these issues and then vote for life.

Up North Wisdom says we know that ultimately God is in control of this old world but while we are living here as pilgrims, we have a responsibility to stand and speak for truth -- for life. If we don't, we will fall for anything. This is the day for faith and fearlessness. Put on your spiritual armor (Eph. 6) and nothing will ever be able to bring you down. You are on the winning side. I know because I just finished reading Revelation. The Best Is Yet To Come! Believe it!


  1. Doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes when you read that? Oh, Lord have mercy on us! Call sin sin and call murder murder. The great lie...make a woman believe that her life is about her alone and she can conveniently, and without consequence, get rid of an inconvenience. Talk to the women who have had an abortion. Tell me if the decision/act was without consequence. God, in His wisdom, tries to lay out a plan for us, if we will just follow it. But we, in our foolishness, think we know better. So controversial and so difficult, but so important to talk about. Doing and saying nothing about this issue just contributes to the mass murder. Keep on preaching it Dad! It makes me cry every time I hear/read about it, but that just makes me more passionate to do what I can!

  2. I agree, Kristy, that it would be good for more women to come forward and testify about the consequences they have faced following their decision to have an abortion. Not to shame, but to help anyone who suffers guilt and shame to know that God forgives all sin and restores dignity to all who desire to receive that forgiveness. What extraordinary love! What extraordinary grace! What an extraordinary God! A God of LIFE.

  3. Please pray for those who are taking a stand by praying silently and peacefully outside the clinic on Webster Street, Green Bay. Those participating in 40 Days for Life around the country are seeing lives changed and babies saved to fulfill their destinies in God.