Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Are God's Plan

Now that Camp Daniel is over, I have had a few days to reflect and think about the experience and its effect on me and those who were there. I am exhausted, battling a viral infection and still mentally woozy. (many think that is normal for me) I said in my previous post that I believed miracles were going to happen and in ways that were not expected. I shared this with the other camp counselors and workers the last night and I fully expect to get reports of these miracles yet to take place.

Here are some of my thoughts:

Tony, Karol and the rest of the Camp Daniel staff are awesome people. They set the foundation for a week that stretches, challenges, and motivates each one who is there, from the counselors to the workers to the staff of the camp as well as the campers themselves. They are to be commended for their love and dedication to doing what God has directed them to do as are the many others who are absolutely committed to the ministry of Camp Daniel. It was an inspiration to be around all of them. I know that all involved were blessed to be able make the lives of many campers with disabilities richer for the week they were there.

I issued a challenge to the workers from Living Hope Church to take that energy, focus, commitment, and passion back to their homes, places of work and school and certainly back to their church. If "I Am God's Plan" at Camp Daniel, then I must be God's Plan in those places as well. People come into a church each Sunday carrying many disabilities that are not seen, yet are still very real. Things like addictions, abuse, abortion guilt, broken relationships, backslidden souls, depression, discouragement just to mention some. God calls each and every Christian to be instruments of healing to those who hurt. The hurting were very evident at Camp Daniel but are not so evident in church. God is in the restoring business and we are to be His hands extended.

All the implications of what took place this last week at Camp Daniel are yet to be seen but I believe the impact will bring some changes that God intends to happen to individuals as well as to our church. I believe I will be a better pastor, husband, father and man of God for having given a week to this incredible ministry.

So to wrap it up, I ask you, "do you believe that you are God's plan?" Wherever you are in life and whatever things you may be going through, it is of utmost importance to really believe that. Say to yourself often, "I am God's plan, I am God's plan, I am God's plan." And He will show you clearly just what that means. Be open to His voice. Ask for a listening ear.

And, by the way, the counselor shirt that said, "It's not about me!" -- It really isn't you know. If your church attendance has been about you then repent and ask God to show you how to make it about others. There is a place for you to serve. Let your response be, "Lord, I am ready to do your will and serve where I am needed. Even if it isn't in a "see me" ministry. Even if it isn't my choice but it is where a need exists."

You are God's plan. And because of that it really is true: "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!

Now Up North Wisdom is telling me to get home and get some sleep.

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