Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rough Weather Fishing

It has been a while since my last blog. Jeanne and I were in Hawaii for nine days and then I was fishing for a couple of days with my son, Chet, and my son-in-law, Tim, and friend Gary in the UP of Michigan. The weather contrast was dramatic. From several days of 85 degrees to 32 degrees and snowy all day. Will that get me some sympathy? I didn't think so.

Vacation in paradise speaks for itself. The fishing trip was interesting. I don't recall fishing in such adverse circumstances in a long time. When I say cold and miserable, I mean it. The wind was howling and snow was falling. Yet, we had the best fishing in recent memory. We couldn't keep the fish off of our bait. We caught fish to eat at the cabin and each of us took back a lot of fish fillets as well. So, what's the point?

Just this -- We have found the best fishing is almost always when the weather is rough and not when it is sunny and nice. I think evangelism is like that. It is nice to just sit here in church on Sunday mornings and hope God sends people through our doors to hear the Gospel. And some do. But effective evangelism for the most part is going where the people are and that means moving beyond our comfort zones. We don't like to do that. It can take us into rough situations and that makes us uncomfortable. However, that is precisely where the "fish" are.

Jesus said that the fields are ripe for harvest but the harvesters are few. Up North Wisdom says there weren't many fishermen on the lake the two days we were catching so many fish. The world (your world) is hungry for Christ even if they don't know it. Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and share the good news when the opportunity presents itself? Ask God to show you where the "fish" are and then go fishing even if the weather, so to speak, is rough. God has already prepared the way. Blessings!


  1. Wow, awesome object lesson. Now i f only we could get you to post 1x/day.....

  2. I agree with James...you should post more. In the meantime, I pray that I would be more sensitive to those around me who are hungry for Christ. Great post...and welcome back!

  3. The three days we spent with MEGA fishing for men this weekend, we had to eat fish sandwhiches... from McDonalds... hint hint

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  5. I got all choked up reading this! Why?? I do not know. It's an awesome concept, a real tear-jerker and I can't put my finger on it. I think that I have found this to be true of myself; that when I am going through the "adverse weather" so to speak...it is then that my faith is so raw and real and on the edge of everything I do and say that I am most effective for His kingdom.
    But oh man...you have to ask yourself...is the cold and discomfort more uncomfortable than the thrill of catching the fish? NO way.
    After all, it is the fish you came for.